John Regis to face probe on Chambers case

John Regis to face probe on Chambers case

Former sprinter, John Regis is set to be investigated by UK Sport over claims he knew Dwain Chambers was taking doping.

Chambers makes his allegation in his recently published autobiography: 'I explained the pharmacology,' writes Chambers. 'I must have sounded excited because John told me to calm down. "Be careful," he said. "Be very careful." 

If Chambers’ claim is true, Regis - who was the athlete's agent at the time - should have reported him to the authorities.

UK Sport will "fully digest and review the contents of Dwain’s book before commenting on any specific aspect of it." a spokesman said. "Everyone involved in sport has a responsibility to play in the fight against doping."

UK Athletics are also set to launch their own investigation.

Regis has always denied knowing Chambers was on drugs.

"For another athlete to say something like that is outrageous," he commented. "He is an athlete who cheated. To now blame me is absolutely unbelievable."


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