Plätzer and Sanchez receive US$30,000 each – IAAF Race Walking Challenge 2009

The men’s and women’s 10km races which constituted the third edition of the IAAF Race Walking Challenge Final were walked off in Saransk, Russia on Saturday (19 Sep), bringing to a close the IAAF Race Walking Challenge 2009.

Kjersti Plätzer (NOR) and Eder Sanchez (MEX) who finished in third place in the Final on Saturday, received US$30,000 each as the overall winners of IAAF Race Walking Challenge 2009.

Only athletes who had participated in at least four Challenge events during the year were eligible to compete for a share of the overall prize money offered by the IAAF for the Final in Saransk of US$101,000 per both the men’s and women’s races.

Olive Loughnane (IRL) and Elisa Rigaudo (ITA) took $20,000 and 14,000 respectively for second and third placings in the women’s standings, as did Hao Wang (CHN) and Luke Adams (AUS) in the same positions in the men’s standings after the Final.

Awards available at the IAAF Race Walking Challenge Final 2009
(Amounts in US$)
1st place: 30,000
2nd place: 20,000
3rd place: 14,000
4th place: 9000
5th place: 7000
6th place: 6000
7th place: 4500
8th place: 4000
9th place: 3000
10th place: 2000
11th place: 1000
12th place: 500

source: IAAF Press Release