StarWords III

StarWords III

A selection of thoughts that international Athletes had to share with the world recently. Sometimes they are wise sometimes they are funny and some other times they are...

Louis Kwakye: Reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally wish I could tweet about what just happened. So much that I have to tweet about not tweeting it

Joanna Hayes: I love being a mom! And when my Zoe sneezes her breakfast all over me & then dumps her oatmeal on the floor & steps in it! I still love it!

David McNeill: Just purchased a new pair of running shoes...times like these I wish I had a shoe sponsor :(

Tasha Danvers: Itz confirmed! COLD is definitely a 4 letter word!!!!!

Hollie Avil: Note to self: don't walk around my apartment naked unless I close all curtains! Just gave the man in the opposite house a real shock! Oops!

Muna Lee: Have I ever told y'all I'm scared of the dark? No I don't sleep with a night

Tara Bird: My body is not designed to function in cold weather

Shannon McCann: The trouble with opportunity is that it always comes disguised as hard work.

Hollie Avil: Women prefer men who have a good sense of humor because they associate it with intelligence and honesty." - FACT!!

Queen Harrison: milk does the body good. glass of milk then bedtime! gooodnight! :)

Bianca Knight: When dudes have a 2part nickname... I don't like it.. Like TT, LuLu, ...I just don't like it.

Jason Richardson: Opinions are like termites... so small, so unassuming, but they can eat away at even the strongest of esteems

Sanya Richards-Ross: You think of Indy and you think of race cars so this 50-55mph speed limit is killing me!!! Lol

Mike Rodgers: Rumors are for people who scared to ask the source themselves, if its in ya circle let them know that's how a circle stays tight!

Allyson Felix: Just leaving the gym & my weight coach has me feelin like a straight beast today. We put that good work in!

Kibwé Johnson: The most important part of achieving your goals, is taking that first step.

Joice Maduaka: Loving u is like a battle... & we both end up with scars...

Jack Green: You can't always go with your heart, your head won't always let you.

Brianna Glenn: I fear for my life every time im in a taxi in NYC.

Carmelita Jeter: Gotta luv usada drug testing. My middle name is carmelita RANDOM jeter.

Nick Willis: Lake Hawea is the most beautiful town I have ever visited. Breathtaking views on the lake clifftops for our runs

Yevgeniya Zinurova (photo): My day today was hard!!! Training, lessons, and I cooked dinner! My husband happy!!! ☺