NACAC and Europe rule in men’s throwing events

NACAC and Europe rule in men’s throwing events

North and Central America leads the depth list in men's Shot Put and Discus Throw while Europe is the deepest Area in Hammer Throw and Javelin Throw.

Asia is a distant third in all four throwing events. publishes some interesting statistical summaries from its incredibly deep 2010 Top Lists:

Men’s Shot Put

15.00 m or more:  1374 athletes

Africa: 34
Asia: 136
Europe: 523
North and Central America: 623
Oceania: 15
South America: 43

Men’s Discus Throw

48.00 m or more: 1062 athletes

Africa: 31
Asia: 112
Europe: 417
North and Central America: 456
Oceania: 14
South America: 32

Men's Hammer Throw

55.00 m or more: 873 athletes

Africa: 16
Asia: 126
Europe: 389
North and Central America: 302
Oceania: 12
South America: 28

Men's Javelin Throw

60.00 m or more: 1264 athletes

Africa: 57
Asia: 209
Europe: 605
North and Central America: 323
Oceania: 22
South America: 48

- The analysis is based on results received and processed until 26 December. The Top Lists are permanently updated.
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(Photo by Péter Zádor)