Competition Rankings Rules - Combined Events competitions 2001-2015

The Combined Events only competitions as well as Combined Events held in conjunction with other Multi-day or Indoor competitions.

Basic Rules

When calculating the Competition Score the following factors are considered:

  1. Result Score: The actual results achieved in the competition
  2. Participation Score: The level of the participating athletes
  3. WR Bonus: World Records achieved in the competition

Competition Score = Competition Result Score + Competition Participation Score + WR Bonus

1. Competition Result Score

1.1. Calculating the Competition Result Score

  1. The 8 best results are calculated to get the Result Score of the competition.
  2. Only the Final scoring of the competition is considered. Results of the individual events during the combined events competition are not included in the calculation.

1.2. Result Scores

  1. Results Scores are awarded for the result achieved by the athlete according to the latest edition of the relevant (i.e. indoor/outdoor) IAAF Scoring Tables of Athletics (by Dr. Bojidar Spiriev).

2. Competition Participation Score

2.1. Calculating the Competition Participation Score

  1. The sum of the 8 best Participation Scores of the athletes who took part in the competition.
  2. Participation Scores for each athlete are determined by the following achievements:
    • Position in the World Rankings - see point 2.2.
    • Top 3 placings in the latest World Championships or Olympic Games. - see point 2.3
    • Current World Record holder - see point 2.4.
  3. From the 2.2., 2.3. and 2.4. points the highest score is regarded as the Participation score for each athlete.
  4. Participation Scores are awarded for athletes who in fact took part in the competition. For athletes who are listed in the start list but did not start in the competition, no Participation Scores are given.

2.2. Position in the World Rankings

  1. A Participation Score is awarded for the athlete if he/she was ranked in the latest World Rankings, which were published at least 4 days prior to the start of the competition.
  2. Scores are given for the Overall or the Event Ranking position of the athletes, depending on which means the higher Participation score.
  3. Event Ranking positions are only considered in the same Event Group to which the event belongs, in which the athlete participated in the competition.

Table 1: World Rankings positions
Event Rankings
Overall Rankings
Participation Score
1. 1. 150 points
2. 2. 130 points
3. 3. 110 points
4. 4. 100 points
5. 5. 90 points
6. 6. 80 points
7. 7. 70 points
8. 8. 60 points
9. 9. 50 points
10. 10. 40 points
11-15. 11-15. 30 points
16-20. 16-20. 25 points
21-30. 21-30. 20 points
31-50. 31-50. 15 points
51-70. 51-70. 10 points
71-100. 71-100. 5 points

2.3 Top 3 placing (Podium finsihes in the latest WCH or Olympic Games)

  1. In case the athlete achieved a Top 3 position in the latest World Championships or Olympic Games the following scores are given:
Table 2: Scores for podium finishes
World Championships
Olympic Games
1st place 120 points
2nd place 70 points
3rd place 40 points

2.4. World Record Holder

  1. If the athlete is the current World Record holder, 120 points are given for the athlete as Participation Score.

3. WR Bonus

  1. For each WR achieved in a competition, a WR Bonus Score is given.
  2. This WR Bonus is added to the sum of the Result Score and the Participation Score of the competition.
  3. The WR Bonus scores are as follows:
Table 3: WR Bonus scores
Achieved record Scores given
New WR 120 points
Eq WR 60 points
WR Split time 30 points
Eq WR Split time 15 points