DISTANCE RUNNING (track): - Which were the best countries in 2010?

DISTANCE RUNNING (track): - Which were the best countries in 2010?

The rankings of the countries in the track long distances are very similar to the one of last year. Kenya, however, strengthened the first position while Ethiopian men were nearly overtaken by the USA. 

Ethiopia kept the first rank in both the men's and the women's 5000m, they did not make the top-3 in either the 10000m or the 3000m Steeplechase.

Great Britain made a remarkable progress compared to 2009.

In the women's ranking USA overtook Russia for the third position. Countries Rankings -  Long-distances track events (combined) - Top 12:

1. Kenya 11868
2. Ethiopia 11180
3. United States 11124
4. Spain 10672
5. Great Britain 10475
6. France 10362
7. Australia 10108
8. Japan 10010
9. Russia 9905
10. Italy 9898
11. South Africa 9803
12. Morocco 9801
1. Kenya 11686
2. Ethiopia 11482
3. United States 10762
4. Russia 10482
5. Great Britain 10379
6. Portugal 10255
7. Spain 10251
8. Poland 10028
9. China 10007
10. Germany 9941
10 Italy 9929
12. Brazil 9671 Countries Rankings by events - Top 3:

3000m Steeple: 5000m: 10000m:
Men: Men: Men:
1. Kenya 4139 1. Ethiopia 4046 1. Kenya 3712
2. France 3845 2. Kenya 4017 2. United States 3608
3. United States 3683 3. United States 3833 3. Great Britain 3531
Women: Women: Women:
1. Kenya 4014 1. Ethiopia 4026 1. Kenya 3672
2. Ethiopia 3785 2. Kenya 4000 2. Ethiopia 3671
3. Russia 3745 3. Turkey 3810 3. Portugal 3575


- The above lists are based on the rankings dated  28 December 2010. The Countries Rankings are published weekly
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(Photo by Bálint Igaz)


Cool! Kenya is really unstoppable when it comes to running competition, just like in the past 3 years they're also at the top 1.

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This time i did not get the chance to participate for the long distance marathon. Here are the list of countries mentioned over here according to the ranking position.

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Kenya has managed to occupy the first position and Ethiopia comes second.