Monaco: Renaud Lavillenie for Herculis 2013!

On July 19th 2013, the Stadium Louis II will be happy to welcome the Olympic Champion and French Record Holder Renaud Lavillenie for what will be the 10th leg of the IAAF Diamond League Circuit.

Last night H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco paid a visit to track at the Louis II Stadium where Lavillenie currently training to make the Frenchman's participation at the Herculis meeting official. a few weeks before the World Championships in Moscow IAAF World Athletics Club

Lavillenie confirmed during an interview that « we feel good in Monaco ». A three-time winner of the IAAF Diamond League, Lavillenie has been training in the Principality with the national Pole Vault team. He will return in July for what is scheduled to be an exciting competition with the two other medalists frkm last year's London Olympic Games, Björn Otto and Raphael Holzdeppe of Germany.

How is your camp in Monaco going ?

Everything is doing well, the conditions are good. This is the time period where we start to prepare the competitions. Everybody will get to the heart of the matter within two weeks. We are not in the last adjustments but we are starting to prepare the whole thing.

How do you prepare this season with the World Championships in target?

The “Worlds” in Moscow are the main goal of the year, but they are not really present in my mind.  I am thinking more about the first two or three competitions, even of the end of the preparation. The more you project yourself, the more chances you have to miss out the event because you focus less on what is happening before. The important thing for me is the Interclubs (National French Clubs competition) with the 110m Hurdles and the Long Jump on my program. That is how I go forward, how I am building.

In addition, you made official your participation in Herculis on July 19th. What does this meeting represent?

First, it is a prestigious meeting. Also, it is a pleasure to come jumping here because the conditions (the track, the stadium, the weather) are good. That is what we are looking for. Then, the meeting always takes place in a period very interesting sportingly, a few weeks before the international championships. We know the stadium very well for coming here in camp quite often. And everytime, we jumped well in Monaco. Yes, we feel good in here.

2012 was fantastic with the Olympic title in London. Getting back to the track was not too difficult?

Not at all,  I have no problem regarding getting motivated. I love my sport, the pole vault, and I would have not done any other event. And I still have things to win. There is always something to do and I ambition to go get something in Rio (2016).

What can we wish you for this year?

A World Champion title ! This is what I am training for. There are many things around, but if I have to select one, it would be this one ! I don’t want to jinx, but I think I am on the good way, at least to defend my chances.