Rules of the All-Athletics World Rankings - 2016

  1. Basics of the Rankings
  2. Track & Field Events
  3. Combined Events
  4. Road Running
  5. Race Walking
  6. Overall Rankings

1. Basics of the Rankings

The World Rankings are the improved successors of the former IAAF World Rankings

1.1. Ranking Method

The ranking system is based on the two main elements of all Track & Field performances, the measured results of athletes and their placings during competitions. Athletes’ performances can be considered in all competitions from grass roots to elite international level. However, the results must be in accordance to the IAAF Rules and Regulations in effect, and the IAAF or one of its Member Federations must have officially ratified the results.

1.1.1. Result Score

  1. Results Score is awarded for the result achieved by the athlete according to the latest editions of the IAAF Scoring Tables of Athletics (by Dr. Bojidar Spiriev).

  2. The initial Result Score may be altered taking into consideration the following factors:

    • Wind reading
    • Hand timing
    • Downhill course (Drop)
    • Point-to-Point course

  3. For disciplines not included in the latest editions of IAAF Scoring Tables of Athletics, there are special Scoring Tables developed in full conformity with the IAAF versions.

1.1.2. Placing Score

  1. Placing Score is awarded for the placing achieved by the athlete at a competition. Competitions are categorized and the Placing Scores are different in each Category.

  2. Placing Scores may be different according to the type of the discipline concerned. Placing Scores are determined separately for Track & Field events, Combined Events, Road Running and Race Walking.

  3. In certain cases Placing Scores may also be different whitin an Event Group, depending on wheather the discipline is a Main Event or a Similar Event.

1.1.3. Performance Score

  1. Performance Score is obtained by adding the Result Score to the Placing Score:

    • Performance Score = Result Score + Placing score

  2. Only those Performance Scores are considered, which were obtained by the athlete in the 1-year period prior to the date of the Rankings.

  3. In order to put more emphasis on performances achieved closer to the date of the Rankings, there are points deducted from Performance Scores older than 9 months at the date of the Rankings. See Section 2, 3 and 5 for details. There are no such dedaction for Road Running performances.

1.1.4. Ranking Score

  1. The Rankings are based on Ranking Scores. Athletes are ranked in the Event and Overall Rankings by their Ranking Scores.

  2. The Ranking Score is the average of Performance Scores.

  3. The number of considered Performance Scores vary depending on the particular events. See the different events sections for more details.

  4. In case if an athlete achieves a New World Record or equals the World Record, bonus points are awarded for those performances. These World Record bonus points are added directly to the average of the Performance Scores to increase the Ranking score of the athlete. For details see "Calculating the Ranking Score" at each Section.

1.2. Rankings

The World Rankings in Athletics produce Event Rankings and Overall Rankings. The Event Rankings evaluate athletes competing in a single discipline and rank the world's athletes in that specific discipline. The Overall Rankings compare all athletes in all disciplines to rank all the male and female athletes in the world. We do not propose to fully compare men’s and women’s Rankings.

1.2.1. Event Rankings

  1. The Rankings cover all disciplines of athletics: Individual Track & Field Events, Combined Events, Road Running, Race Walking and the World Cross Country Championships.

  2. Event Rankings are produced in 44 Athletics Events. These Events often consist of a group of disciplines, which are similar to each other. Therefore each Event Group includes a "Main Event" to which may be assimilated one or more "Similar Events".

  3. Performances in each of these 22 men's and women's Event Groups count separately for the Event Rankings. Athletes can be ranked in all the different Event Groups where they achieved enough performances.

  4. Due to the differences between the calculation of the Ranking Scores, the Rules are described in four sections for the Event Rankings:

1.2.2. Overall Rankings

  1. To determine the world's best athletes and to compare all the athletes regardless of their events, the World Rankings produce Men's and Women's Overall Rankings.

  2. The Overall Rankings are - similarly to the Event Rankings - based on the Performance Scores of the athletes at each competition.

  3. Unlike the Event Rankings, for the calculation of the Ranking Score for the Overall Rankings, athletes can obtain Performance Scores from more than one Event Group.

  4. The details of the ranking process for the Overall Rankings are described in Section 6. - Overall Rankings


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