Roma Golden Gala is the new Nr.1 with a massive score

Roma Golden Gala is the new Nr.1 with a massive score

Tyson Gay 9.77 sec, Asafa Powell 9.88 sec, Dwight Phillips 8.61m, Kerron Stewart 10.75 sec, Maryam Yusuf Jamal 3:56.55 min and ... Golden Gala 93350 points!

Roma is the new leader in the 2009 All-Athletics Competition Rankings - by far.

These above are the very best performances of the third leg of this year's Golden League series, in the Italian capital. And as besides these top performances there were quality fields in the Olympic Stadium and and the athletes achieved many excellent results, the Golden Gala has not only taken the lead in the Invitational/One-day competitions category of the Competition Rankings, but has done it with a massive score.

Rome's advantage in front of the current second best meeting, Lausanne is as much as 2400 points. Lausanne was significantly hit by bad weather conditions, but because of its high Promotion Score it has been the leader so far. Now Rome has produced not only the best Competition Score, but both its Result Score and the Promotion Score are the highest so far this year.

Promotion Score is based on the level of the participating athletes (World Ranking positions, medals at major championships, WR).

In 2008 only the Nr.1 ranked Weltklasse Zürich had a higher total score (93595) than the Competition Score of the recent Golden Gala.

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