Berlin re-arranged the World Rankings

Berlin re-arranged the World Rankings

As always, the World Championships re-arranged the World Rankings. With Berlin in and Beijing out from the calculation of the current Rankings there are several events in which the leaders have confirmed their pre-Berlin positions while in many others there are new athletes in the top positions.

One thing is for sure: Usain Bolt is the number one athlete without any doubt and this is well reflected both in the Overall Rankings and in the Event Rankings. The "cheat code" - as American sprinter Darvis Patton described the Jamaican hero - has not only kept his world leading positions but has even raised his already extremely high scores.

There is a new leader of the Women's Overall Rankings; Sanya Richards of the USA has climbed to the top position after her well deserved world 400m title. She is followed by Croatian high jump star Blanka Vlašić - who is of course at the top of her own event.

It would be too excessive to list here all the significant changes, it's better if you check the Rankings yourself.

Besides the World Rankings you can find continental/area and other Rankings as well.

With Zurich, Brussels and other important meetings ahead, several further changes are expected during the next few weeks.

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