Foster-Hylton rebounds from surgery

Foster-Hylton rebounds from surgery

Like the mythical phoenix which rises from the ash, world 100-metre hurdles champion Brigitte Foster-Hylton has recovered from another career-threatening injury and is back in training.

After undergoing major surgery on a total hamstring avulsion of her left leg and several months of rehabilitative work, the national record-holder returned to training four weeks ago.

"Before, everything seemed so dim, but now, I'm starting to get the light back," Foster-Hylton told the Observer.

"I want to go faster than I've gone before and my coach (Stephen Francis) especially just wouldn't let me quit," she said.

"There were days when it just seemed so hopeless, like I was just not going to make it back... he believes... that I have a lot to offer and based on my last season where I left off, he is ensuring that I do whatever it takes to make it back to the top," Foster-Hylton stated.

(Photo by Péter Zádor)

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